The Book of the Deceiver
Live Action Roleplay (LARP) ideas for “insta” encounters (mostly). Avoid the dreaded B-word by keeping your players busy on their own, without the need for an NPC guide. This book shares 25+ instas that have been tested with real players during a weekend game. Some of them worked great and some were flops. Some of them took weeks to prepare, some took only a few minutes. All entries include information about the inspiration, the design and production, potential problems and an overall assessment. Hardcover book with many entries that include color photos. Hope you’ll enjoy!

The Jeweled Room
An interdisciplinary adventure story that includes math problems every few pages. Both reading level and math skills are targeted for end of 6th grade (review/retention) or beginning of 7th (review/warm-up). Perfect for end of year activity book for review in class, summer reading fun for retention or warm up before next year, or any other time is great for reading/math, too.

The Queen, the Gardener, and Me: Reflections on Community-Forming Processes
Experience shows that ideas about group dynamics and cooperative living, and the skills for developing community, are transferable to groups of all sizes, in different types of places, whether temporary or permanent, old or new.

My Father, the Toddler
I think back to when there were 10-15 adults willing to share the work of intensive caregiving, and I long for it in a new way now, when there’s only myself, a housemate, and one teenager to help out. It’s not nearly enough. More importantly, I know what I’ll be missing . . .


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