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“Five Lines” game.

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The covers of this book are wood from an old toy that I took apart and re-used for several projects. The front and back covers are joined with the same piano hinge that was on the original toy. This book is a big one!

The front cover has the gameboard for “Five Lines” game.

The gameboard is woodburned. The goal is to fit in with a post-apoc genre.

The pieces are nuts and washers. Staying with the post-apoc theme, the idea is that if you are making your entertainment by burning gameboards onto reclaimed wood, then you probably can find old hardware nearby, too.

This is a large book at 58 cm long (almost 2 feet).

The directions for the game are on the inside front cover.

The pages inside are also about Lines.

The small text on the front of each section gives a brief summary of that topic. Inside, no text, but a collage of photos to help spark discussion . . . especially interesting when that discussion includes older people who personally remember the events pictured in each section.

The topic sections are made of several pictures all joined together and they unfold into a long piece.

These photos are in no particular order and are not meant to be comprehensive. These photos are just a sample of images on each topic that were available at Wikimedia Commons. (highly recommend a visit there, if you are not familiar with them already).

With all the sections unfolded, the book is about 163 cm long (5’4″ approx).

Hope you’ve enjoyed this project as much as I did;

it was a lot of fun to make.


This project was in response to the monthly #areyoubookenough project hosted by Editions Studio.


Darby says:

Ive seen this “in person” and hope u an imagine from what you see here just how cleverly done this is! Lots of history imagined in an entertaining format.

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