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Live Action Roleplay (LARP) ideas for “insta” encounters. Hardback book with many color photos throughout. Avoid the dreaded B-word by keeping your players busy on their own, without the need for an NPC guide. This book shares 25+ instas that have been tested with real players during a weekend game. Some of them worked great and some were flops. Some of them took weeks to prepare, some took only a few minutes. All entries include information about the inspiration, the design and production, potential problems and an overall assessment. Hope you’ll enjoy!

Jeweled Room

Olin’s adventures begin when he is fooled by a new friend, solves an impossible problem, accepts an important mission, and knocks out two burly thugs with…a root vegetable! As Olin tries to recover the stolen crystals, he resolves each crisis by using his trusty . . . math skills! Olin is on his way to the castle (Use the map to determine distance). The barn is on fire! (How long until the fire reaches him?) There are five tunnels in the cave (What’s the probability that he will pick the correct tunnel?). The Jeweled Room is an interdisciplinary book that combines an entertaining story in the traditional “hero’s adventure” style with math problems throughout to help students retain or review skills. This is a you-write-in-it workbook for math practice, with plenty of blank space in the right spots for working the problems. You can get a copy of it at the Bookpatch.

Zock’s Adventures

Zock Adventures cover image

Order Zock’s Adventures here.

Zock is the hand-knitted boy doll who is as big as your average 3-year-old boy & just as much fun! Get the book and get ready for some fabulous photos of groups of dolls having all kinds of adventures including riding on the speed boat, cooking marshmallows over a campfire and so much more. You can also get directions to knit your own doll, or order one to give as a gift.

Zock’s Counting Book

Order Zock’s Counting Book here.

Zock Counting Book cover image

Zock’s Counting Book is actually a coloring book, with fantastic line drawings by the multi-talented artist & illustrated Daniel Baugh. A parent/teacher’s guide is included in the back to explain the importance of coloring in the lines and the many skills that supports and develops, as well as a list of other activities to do to enhance enjoyment of this great book.


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