Self-publishing (“print on demand” or POD) is easier than ever, but if you are just getting started, an hour or two of guided instruction can help build your confidence quickly. Contact me for a teaching session at affordable hourly rates and you’ll soon be ready to proceed confidently ahead on your own.

  • family history books
  • your personal memoir
  • personalized calendars for gifts
  • advertising fliers
  • poetry books
  • company handbooks
  • training manuals
  • thesis or reports

. . . . . anything else that comes in print form!



cover image Annette Martin
Annette Martin has a loving heart and a life story that proves it. Faced with one hardship after another through the years, she rises above everything by the strength of her faith, and shares her story with her family in this thrilling memoir filled with romance, love, adventure and heartbreaking loss, based on a series of personal interviews over the course of several months.


cover image Health Record Bookcover image Risk Management

The self-publishing approach is the way to go for high-quality professional training notebooks for staff, training curriculum for schools and daycare centers, and instruction manuals or reports for businesses. Spend your time on direct care or in-person training and let us handle your printing and publishing needs.

Past clients have included Gregg Drilling, Camp Niwana and Tanglewood Montessori school.


Zock Counting Book cover image

Zock Adventures cover image

Zock’s Adventures and Zock’s Counting Book feature a large hand-knitted doll who has all sorts of adventures, including spending the day on a speed boat, roasting marshmallows on a campfire, riding bikes, climbing trees and going roller skating. Zock’s Adventures has full color photographs of multiple Zock dolls posed into lively scenes, and Zock’s Counting Book is filled with entertaining black and white line drawings that are perfect for coloring together, plus an Appendix that explains the import role that learning how to “color in the lines” can play in preparing a young child for success in school, and other ideas for parents and other teachers about how to use Zock’s Counting Book for education. Below are sample coloring pages from Zock’s Counting Book.

18 cropped

19 cropped


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