Winter Fun Activity Box

An early “cigar box” before I started using the actual cigar boxes. đŸ™‚

Supplies in the Box

Science Study – Polar Bears & Habitats
* Book about polar bears
* 3 little polar bears
* Cotton balls (for snow)
* Plastic bags (to freeze ice flat for the bears to sit on)
Activity Ideas
* Read the bear book, discuss, etc
* Play with the bears, discuss habitats, etc
* Pull the cotton balls apart to make snow (fine motor stuff)
* Set up little scenes with the bears on/in the snow
* Discuss camouflage; compare to your local woods; maybe discuss Dad’s camo clothes? Would those be good camouflage if he went to a snowy place? etc.
* Put water in the ziplock bags and free it, flat
* Float the ice in the sink or a dish and put the bears on it
* Maybe in the bathtub? (will melt fast!)
* Put the snowflakes direction cards in order by number.

* White paper squares for snow flakes
* Set of directions about the snowflakes
* Tape to hang them (in the windows?)
Activity Ideas
* Notice there is a snowflake on the outside of the box (bottom)
* Notice there is another one on the inside
* Discuss that both are different, but both are pretty, each in their own way
* Check if you can find any letter or words you can read now.

Fake Snow
* recipes on the card
* ingredients for one is included
Activity Ideas
* make some fake snow
* try several different kinds
* the simple “baking soda + a little water” is an awesome sensory experience, so try it too.

Snow Scene Painting
* background papers (blue and black)
* picture papers (other colors)
* white paint
* cotton balls
Activity Idea
* cut out shapes and glue them to the paper
* Might not want to say “buildings” . . . just “shapes” is definitely fine, too
* use the cotton balls to dab on white paint – looks like snow
* I did not send foil because that seemed too hard. If they want windows, they can draw little squares with markers. (or use your own foil, if you want to go for it!)

Snow People Cut Outs
* directions paper
* plenty of paper
Activity Ideas
* fold the paper
* draw the figure
* probably try some simple random shapes first
* probably adult should draw the lines; kids cut
* or let the kids draw, why not!?

Capture Your Own Snowflakes
From: Snowflake Science – (

Supplies at Home
* a cold, winter day with snow
* black paper or black foam board
* magnifying glass (from your adventure kit!)

Place the black paper or foam board outside, but out of the snow, for 15 – 20 minutes to let it get cold, or until snowflakes can land on it and not melt immediately. When the paper is cold enough, place the paper on a level surface or hold it carefully where snowflakes can fall on it. Observe the collected snowflakes with the magnifying glass quickly before they disappear.

Bible Connections

Proverbs 31:20-21

She extends her hand to the poor,
Yes, she reaches out her hands to the needy.
She is not afraid of snow for her household,
For all her household is clothed with scarlet.

(And also I think you could talk about individual uniqueness (of snowflakes and people) and that sort of thing, but I could not find an exact verse for that traditional lesson).

Also of course any verses about animals . . . back to the ark you go, maybe?



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