Valentine’s Party Kit

Pretty box with supplies to make some cards and have fun with friends.

Keep the box for yourself or send it home with whoever wins it in a door prize drawing?

Cute vintage valentine buttons could be used for the cards or use for party favor souvenirs for your guests.

Card-making supplies and envelopes – enough for about 8 basic cards. If you want to get fancier, you may want to provide some extra supplies . . . or ask everyone else to bring their leftover supplies?

A new kind of potluck!

Table topper is lightweight plastic with design as shown. This is NOT a full-size table cloth! Just a little bit of decorative fun . . .the plastic is clear, so may look best on top of black table cloth (as shown).

Bold/hot pink spray paint (not pastel! not red!) with silver hardware and silver cut-out hearts

Upcycled cigar box



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