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Girl Scout books series

“Vintage” Girl Scout scrapbook paper for the covers, found in a box in my attic.

I have recently been learning how to make small handmade books, using both “text block” pads of pages that glue in, and also the old technique of coptic stitch binding, to sew in the pages. I’ve really had a lot of fun exploring making books, instead of writing them, as a bit of a change of pace. I needed some paper to use for the covers and I found a pack of Girl Scout scrapbooking paper in the house, leftover from long ago, so I have been using that. These are simple books, just scrapbooking paper glued over cardboard for the covers, but they are super cute and turned out well.

You can see photos of most of the books at the Facebook page and you can enter to win a set of them at The Bosslight bookstore in downtown Nacogdoches. This door prize will be awarded on April 28, so be sure to stop by the store and enter before then. This is not an official Girl Scout project or production, it is just me offering these as a free prize, just for fun. Hope you’ll enjoy!


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