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Jeweled Room

Math or Words?
The world needs both!
Read the story, do the math, and save the day!

In this triumphant tale of a hero’s adventure,
Olin is fooled by a new friend,
solves an impossible problem,
accepts an important mission, and
overpowers two burly thugs with nothing more than…
a root vegetable!

During his quest to recover the stolen crystals,
Olin must find his way through each crisis at hand
by using . . . his trusty math skills!

The Jeweled Room is an interdisciplinary adventure story that includes math problems every few pages. Both reading level and math skills are targeted for end of 6th grade (review/retention) or beginning of 7th (review/warm-up). Perfect for end of year activity book for review in class, summer reading fun for retention or warm up before next year, or any other time is great for reading/math, too.

Available in two versions, spiral bound or perfect bound, from the Bookpatch.

Visit the Bookpatch here.


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