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Prayer Book (repair)

This book has been lovingly treasured for many years.
However, it was time for some updates and repairs.

The “Before” Gallery
Some pages had been folded, or taped, or torn, or all of these.
Over a long period of time, such things may happen.

Thankfully, all the pages were kept together.

BEFORE: Front and Spine
BEFORE: Back and Spine
BEFORE – tape in the front section
BEFORE – cover separating from the end papers
BEFORE – torn page
BEFORE – some situations needed extra attention

First, taking apart the book and mending the individual pages.

I saved all the pieces of the book, hoping to re-use as much of the original as possible.

The most exciting moment in this whole project was when I discovered the original title page, which had become hidden under some other pages that had been taped in.

Found these special mementos pressed on a page . . . left them right there!

Found these special mementos pressed on a page . . . left them right there!

Saved the cover so this family heirloom will still look basically as everyone remembers it, but it is put back together now.

After the pages were mended, then they were re-sewn back into the text block.

Stayed with simple black for the end pages but replaced with new ones (acid free from the scrapbooking section of your favorite crafting store).

However, I wanted to save these handwritten initials, so I glued that part of the original end pages into the new ones, which also helps the book still look familiar, instead of trying to match the old color with a new modern paper.

I was not able to save the original interior spine, so I added a replacement spine inside, but glued the original cover spine lettering onto the outside. It blends right in and I was pleased with how this worked out.

Finally, put the whole project into the press for the last step.

And here is the final result.

~ Amen ~


Quite a process. It turned out great.
My sister has taken up book repair. She’s a retired librarian and now an online bookseller.

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