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Storybook (repair)

This classic Storybook was so well-loved that it was almost “read to death”, with pages, spine and covers all in worn condition. Even so, it has been carefully saved for all these many years. It was a great pleasure for me to bring this family treasure back to good condition and ready to share with another generation.

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Spine had become separated, and the pages had come out.

Many of the pages had been taped or were torn, water damaged, or otherwise needed some tender help.

Inside covers – papers were coming off already.

Many of the pages were curled up on the edges. If you try to do too much with this situation, they break right off, but I was still able to save most of them.


One by one, pages were repaired and put back together.

Then all the signatures are sewn back together.
This is my favorite part.

Spine liner added after sewing, for extra stability.

For the inside cover, there was enough of the pattern still usable that we were able to tile it to re-make the cover in the same pattern. Yay for new technology!

Tah dah!
All back together!

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