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Wizard’s Throwie

Blue paisley design, soft book for a prop.

MAY pass inspection as a throwie in various larp games.
MUST consult your own game’s inspector before using.

The base for this book was some sort of medical device (I think) that is styled as a “book” format. I really have no idea what it was for originally, but it is very soft and in my own non-official opinion is safe to throw at people, gently, within the rules. No sharp corners. All smooth and soft.

Inside is a blank area with kind of squishy textured foam. I imagine it could work as a place to put temporary notes or spells or whatever else you might need to read during an encounter. Perhaps use some double-sided tape to affix a single sheet of paper on each side?

I have added self-stick hook-n-loop closure to hold the book closed. It is “extra-strong” according to the package, but if it does happen to come off with continued use, a few hand stitches will hold in place forever, no doubt.

Fabric is a stretchy polyester (?) (ish), or something like that, I am not sure, I glued it on to the book with super-strength spray adhesive.

Hope you enjoy this book!

Front Cover
Back Cover
4 small loot sacks in the same fabric
Width of Spine
Inside – soft foam
Closes with hook-n-loop fastener
Closes with hook-n-loop fastener
Belt Loop – opens/closes with hook-n-loop fastener


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