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Apprentice Assignments

This project was one of my very first A&S projects when I was just barely getting started in Amtgard and it earned a 1st Order of the Smith. I am posting them here for anyone to use as a free service to welcome newbies and help them learn. A project for beginners, by a beginner, but I had a lot of fun with it. đŸ™‚

RP Write-up starts below.


These pieces use Art to make the work of learning Content both easier and more beautiful.


Inspired by the “adult coloring books” currently popular offworld, these pages are designed to help apprentices and other novices learn the incants and important phrases they need to know. The act of coloring in the pages, letter by letter, word by word, takes considerable time and attention to detail and forces the student to focus on the phrase that is to be learned, becoming almost a mediation as they see and repeat the phrase frequently while they complete the work. The finished page then brings beautify to their rooms while reminding them to practice constantly so they can be more effective in battle.

From the other side of the table, a savvy guild leader or master instructor can learn volumes about an apprentice’s work ethic, study habits, attention to detail and level of commitment to their class by observing how they approach and complete these seemingly simple assignments.

Heal Incant coloring page

Charge coloring page


A single short offworld visit to Master Word was all that was needed to obtain the basic outlines from skilled calligraphers and some image ideas from the Guild of Clips.

Then, returning home, the real work began.

Simple outlines were first traced and later adjusted and adapted to personalize the images, so they are not exact copies. The images for the Heal incant were carefully selected to match the words from the first line, helping the new learner better commit this important verse to memory through the power of imagery. The image for the Charge was chosen because it seemed refreshing and it also was adapted, adjusted and flipped and then repeated, to create a personalized and unique look on the page.

Each page took several attempts and “easier said than done” was the word of the day. The various elements had to be adjusted in size, shape and placement, until the page looked appealing as a whole. When the overall composition was finally correct, another evening was required for the coloring of each page.

A setback arose when the “more is better” mindset reared its ugly head. The original line drawings looked great and were entirely satisfactory . . . but nonetheless, the lure of the evil Sharpie was strong and proved too much to resist, and was therefore attempted. This resulted in utter failure and so the entire project was started anew, causing a great delay.


This project took many more hours than expected.

More than one might care to admit, actually.

However, it was great fun and worth the effort.

These coloring pages use text from the Amtgard Rules of Play, V.8.
All credit to them for content and ip, but I did the art parts myself.


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