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Two Women

Two Women at a Window, c.1655 by Bartoleme Esteban Murillo.

Here we have two women, staying in their home, watching life from a distance, and one is even covering her face with a cloth.

This classical painting from c. 1655 is not actually about the Covid-19 virus of 2020, but the image reminded me of that time period anyway. I thought it would be a good cover for a book to record your story of the plague year (or anything else you may want to write or draw).

Size: 8.5 in x 8.5 in (approx) – square
50 pages, +/-
Boards: Re-purposed book cover
Cover: New bookcloth, broadcloth, blue
Cover Picture: The cover picture is on glossy heavy weight paper, cut from an art book about classical paintings.
Inside paper: blank white, good typing paper (20#, 88 bright).
End pages: brown/orangish-ish watery-ish looking end papers, I liked these because they seemed to go well with the wooden building the two women are in.
For Sale, $20.


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