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The Merchant

Lot and His Daughters, c. 1496, by Alfred Durer.

Here is Lot, only, with the daughters cropped out. I just liked the look of him as a generic “merchant”.

Size: 8.5 in x 8.5 in (approx) – square
50 pages, +/-
Boards: Re-purposed book cover
Cover: New bookcloth, broadcloth, blue
Cover Picture: The cover picture is on glossy heavy weight paper, cut from an art book. This cover is the right side of the famous painting (see 1st comment) about Lot and his daughters (as you can see, the daughters are not in this cover, because I cut them off). Not because I hate daughters, or paintings, or anything like that at all, but I just only wanted part of the image this time, that’s all.
Inside paper: blank white paper, regular typing paper (20#, 88 bright)
End pages: blue watery-ish looking end papers.
For Sale, $20.


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